Ounce By Ounce Promotion Schedule

Daily Deals

Munchie Mondays
- Need your edibles? All edibles are 10% OFF.

Tokin' Tuesdays
- Hey cool, all pre-rolls are 10% OFF.

Waxy Wednesdays
- Buy any amount of wax or shatter and get any strain of flower 10% off.

Thifty Thursdays
- Buy any amount of flower, you get 10% OFF any accessory.
- Buy 1/2 oz of any strain, get 10% OFF.
- Staff Pick! We pick the strain, you get 10% OFF.

Faded Fridays
- Prefer vapor? All our vapor cartridges are 10% OFF.

Shatter Saturdays
- All shatter is 10% OFF.

Weekly Specials

Week Ending - Feburary 16th @ 8pm
Buy an ounce of any strain, get 2 grams of your choice for a penny each. That's only two pennies!

First timers & Veterans

We love first time customers, and more importantly, we love the men and women who put their lives on hold to protect and withold our way of life in our country. For first time guests we offer a one-time 10% discount (flower only). As for our veterans, we offer a 5% discount towards any purchase during each visit. However, a veteran discount cannot be combined with loyalty program points or daily/weekly deals, as the daily/weekly discounts are greater.

Loyal Program Details

Our loyalty program is a point-based system which each customer is automatically entered into by making a purchase at our store. This program does not require an email or phone number. Instead, it uses your OMMA card information to link to your account in our system. Thus, eliminating the need to carry a physical card with you and those annoying emails & text messages. For each dollar spent, you receive one point. Your points are redeemable in 500 point incements. 500 points is worth a 10% discount which will never expire and best of all, they are stackable. However, the points can only be used on a single in-store purchase only and cannot be combined with any other offer. i.e., you cannot stack a points discount with a veteran discount. See a sales associate for more details.